Aamir Liaquat Hussain Ramazan Sharif 2015 Passes and Registration Online Contact Number ‪‪GEO‬ TV or Register via SMS.

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لکھ کر 436 پر بھیج دیں

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Updates: facebook.com/RamazaanSharif
Alterts: twitter.com/RamazaanSharif
Videos: tune.tv/RamazaanSharif
Web: www.RamazanSharif.tv


Registration Rules:
Children under 12 years of age are strictly not allowed.
Ramazan Sharif entry passes are not being sold.
Beware of forgery! GEO network will not be responsible incase of any mishap.
Seats in Ramazan Sharif are on first come first served basis and only dealth through registrations.
Maximum 4 members of a family can participate in Ramazan Sharif.