Short Essay On Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Internet: The Internet is so far one of the greatest inventions of all time. The Internet has made it possible for us to do lots of things. People can shop in online stores like eBay, communicate with family and friends via Skype or Facebook, watch the latest videos on YouTube, blog and make money from it, and so much more.

The Internet has proven to be very useful and has come with lots of advantages. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the Internet.

Advantages of Internet Short Essay 

The Internet has made it easy for people to communicate with others because it is cheap and convenient. The only costs incurred are those paid to the Internet service provider. If you want to talk to someone who is in another part of the globe, you can just fire up Skype or any other communication app and hold a video chat.

Services such as Skype have helped people from geographically segmented countries to interact and share ideas. As such, people are able to share their thoughts and views on matters affecting the globe. The Internet acts as common global platform where people explore ideologies and cultures without limitation.

Disadvantages of Internet Short Essay 

There are a lot of people who see the internet as a promoter of immorality. The first and the foremost disadvantages of internet for students is the wastage of time in social networking websites like facebook, twitter, orkut etc, Students are found spending ample time with These social sites rather than with their books This habit spoils their time, learning habit in some case leads them to involve in immoral activities Besides this the general disadvantages are spamming. Theft of personal details, fraud, virus threat etc:

Spamming denotes distribution of unsolicited e-mails in large numbers. They are meaningless and they unnecessarily block the whole system. These activities are treated as illegal while using the internet, there is high probability that your personal details like name, address and credit card number may be accessed by con artists and used for fraudulent purposes.

Virus is the biggest problem. It is a program that interrupts the usual operation of your personal computer system. PCs Linked to the Internet have high probability of virus attacks and as a result of this your hard disk can crash, giving you a lot of trouble.

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