There are certain tales that have been told to us and we believe them as scientific facts. It’s time to know the logic behind them and judge whether they are true or not.

Here are a few facts which are nothing at all but myth

Shaving the head of newborn stops baldness

There is no truth in this because baldness is generally inherited. If father of the baby has tendency to lose hair, same is likely to happen to the baby. Shaving would not prove to be a cure for this problem. If such tendency lies in the genetic line, baby will definitely inherit it.

Cutting hair by growing moon speeds the hair growth

In Asia there is a general perception that cutting hair in the dates when the moon is growing accelerates the hair growth, but is a myth only.

Brushing hair 100 times a day makes the hair healthier

Frequent combing is not at all good for your hair rather it can damage your mane. Brushing pulls out hair thus results in more hair fall and damages the scalp as well. Just brush your hair for styling not for stimulating scalp.

Black hair is stronger

This is the wide spread belief but unfortunately holds no truth at all. Not only this but also the claim that braiding and beading makes the hair grow more quickly is a myth. Rather, tight braids and beads can damage hair.