Honda is the name of guaranteed quality, performance and style in the motorcycle industry of Pakistan. Producing different types of motorcycles, Honda has a unique model known as the CD 100. Capable to produce 100cc power from its compact yet attractive engine, this motorcycle has a sound place in the market today. As it produces more power while consuming less fuel, it is quite economical to own a Honda CD 100. It has an attractive shape with a strong chassis. Measuring a good height from the ground, this model became an instant hit among the people of Pakistan when it was launched about a decade ago.

As the new year is arriving at a rapid speed, so are the new models of the Honda motorcycles. The new model of the Honda CD 100 is all set to be released soon. The unique features of the CD 100 include a fuel gauge and a multi reflector headlight. The large sized headlight makes it very easy to drive at night. The engine is powerful with a kick start and a 4 speed transmission system which is durable and responds precisely. Having a larger petrol tank which not only has the capacity to store 9 liters of petrol, it is very stylish and gives the bike a bold look. As the new model is expected to have all the current features but with even greater quality, the Honda CD 100 Price in Pakistan 2013 is also yet to be announced. The current price of the 2012 model of the CD 100 is about Rs. 75000.