K&N’s, a founding pillar and beacon for Pakistan’s Poultry Industry started in 1964 with a single minded objective of providing better nutrition for health and happiness of the nation. With five decades of halal poultry expertise and a commitment to food-safety, we bring you safe and healthy chicken The K&N’s Way – by managing and controlling all stages of poultry production under one umbrella, and conducting quality assurance lab tests at every stage, from grandparent breeding right down to delivering products to your neighbourhood.

K&N’S Pakistan Price Detail New Market Rates

K&Ns Burger Patties Rs 200.00

K&Ns Burger Patties Economy Pack Rs 510.00

K&Ns Chapli Kabab  Rs 195.00

K&Ns Chapli Kabab Economy Pack Rs 510.00

K&Ns Chicken Tempura Rs 195.00

K&Ns Chicken Tempura Economy Pack Rs 535.00

K&Ns Chicken Tikka Chunks Economy Pack Rs 520.00

K&Ns Combo Wings Economy Pack Rs 505.00

K&Ns Croquettes Rs 195.00

K&Ns Croquettes Economy Pack Rs 535.00

K&Ns Fun Nuggets Rs 195.00

K&Ns Fun Nuggets Economy Pack Rs 465.00

K&Ns Haray Bharay Nuggets Rs 195.00

K&Ns Haray Bharay Nuggets Economy Pack Rs 525.00

K&Ns Hot Tender Economy Pack Rs 515.00

K&Ns Kafta Kabab Rs 195.00

K&Ns Kafta Kabab Economy Pack Rs 455.00

K&Ns Kofta Economy Pack Rs 195.00

K&Ns Mughlai Tikka Rs 205.00

K&Ns Mughlai Tikka Economy Pack Rs 490.00

K&Ns Nuggets Rs 195.00

K&Ns Nuggets Economy Pack Rs 525.00

K&Ns Seekh Kabab Rs 195.00

K&Ns Seekh Kabab Economy Pack Rs 455.00

K&Ns Shami Kabab Rs 175.00

K&Ns Shami Kabab Economy Pack Rs 405.00

K&Ns Tender Pop Rs 195.00

K&Ns Tender Pop Economy Pack Rs 515.00