Pak Elektron Limited (PEL) leading manufacturer of electrical goods in Pakistan. Pel Introduces new refrigerator new PEL ARCTIC Refrigerator.Pel Arctic Refrigerator Price in Pakistan 2014 announce. When Pel company declared Pel Arctic Refrigerator Cost & Rate we will update here.:

Pel Arctic Refrigerator Available in different Price in Pakistan See The Below Chart For Complete Price List

Model Capacity Price  (Rs.)
PRA-135 260 Ltrs 32,400
PRA-145 295 Ltrs 37,800   update 29 April 2014
PRA-155 325 Ltrs 38,700   update 29 April 2014
PRA-140 360 Ltrs 40,000   update 29 April 2014
PRA-150 380 Ltrs 41,000   update 29 April 2014
PRA-157 400 Ltrs 39,400
PRA-160 420 Ltrs 44,900  update 29 April 2014


Pel Arctic Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

See Pel Arctic Refrigerator Features & Specification:

Humidity controller:-
Sepecially design to control humidity level in crisper and vegetable box.

Double Sided Roll Bond Evaporator:-
With this technlogy refrigerator works at maximum of 55°C temp.

Vitamin Kit:-
Vitamin Kit generates vitamin c which keeps your vegetables fresh for long time.

Crispo Fresher Tray:-
Specially designed tray holds more moisture to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

Ag+ Bacteria Buster:-
Emits silver Ions that reduce bacteria growth.

Thicker Door Insulation:-
Due to thicker door insulation refrigerator retains cooling for optimal performance.